PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Niagara Falls NY - New York NY,
July - August 2011

A late July - early August trip from New York NY to Niagara Falls NY and return using Amtrak Empire Service trains 281 and 284. Our passengers made sidetrips across the international border to Canada.

We have great respect for the Amtrak mechanical department personnel at Niagara Falls NY, who service, inspect and repair their trains with a "can do" attitude, to include working outdoors on winter days.
MOUNT VERNON rolling through Cold Springs NY in Metro North RR territory
on the rear of Amtrak Empire Service train 281 enroute from New York to Niagara Falls,
on Saturday, July 30th.

Video courtesy of "MetroNorth2011" and You Tube

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