PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Niagara Falls NY - Albany-Rensselaer NY -
Boston MA - Albany-Rensselaer NY - New York NY,
July - August 2010

This was a public trip, which provided three days at Niagara Falls, two and one-half days at Boston and a night at Albany-Rensselaer. While parked at Niagara falls NY, everyone took advantage of the opportunity to visit Toronto, Canada.
MOUNT VERNON on the rear of Amtrak train 281 passing through
Cold Spring NY, in Metro North Railroad territory, onroute to Niagara Falls NY.

Photo by Brandon Kaback


Car Attendant Dan Hayes celebrates his birthday after dinner at Niagara Falls NY.
Photo by Bob Vogel


After arriving Albany-Rensselaer on train 280 from Niagara Falls, Amtrak locomotive 102
switches MOUNT VERNON to a parking location on the north side of the station.
The car will depart for Boston later that day on train 448, The Lake Shore Limited.

Photo by Bob Vogel


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