PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Chicago IL - St. Paul MN
- Chicago IL - Washington DC - New York NY

"The Lake Superior Limited"
St. Paul MN to Duluth MN

"The Duluth and Grand Rapids Day Express"
Duluth MN to Grand Rapids MN and return

"The Twin Cities Limited"
Duluth MN to St. Paul MN

August 2009

We leased the car to Virginia Railway Investment Corporation to accompany their KITCHI GAMMI CLUB from New York to "Steam on the Range", the NRHS 2009 convention at Duluth MN, and return.

August 15, 2009 finds MOUNT VERNON immediately behind the locomotives deadheading from
Duluth to Grand Rapids and return in the consist of "The Duluth and Grand Rapids Day Express."
Collection of Jack Deasy

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