PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Rutland VT - Albany-Rensselaer NY - Boston MA -
Albany-Rensselaer NY - New York NY, August 2007

MOUNT VERNON parked on track 8 at Boston's South Station in August 2007
Photo by Jack Deasy


The private car parking location on track 8 at Boston's South Station
is just a few steps from the councourse ... very convenient!

Photo by Jack Deasy


The world headquarters of State Street Corporation, located at One Lincoln Street
in Boston's financial district, is visible above MOUNT VERNON's roofline
while parked at South Station.

Photo by Jack Deasy


A twilight view of downtown Albany as seen from the private car parking location
across the Hudson River at Amtrak's Albany-Rensselaer station.

Photo by Jack Deasy

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