PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Montreal QC Canada - New York NY
August 2007

A trip on Amtrak's Adirondack between New York and Montreal is an international adventure that features the grand scenery of the Hudson River valley and Lake Champlain.

We operated this 4 day public trip from New York to Montreal and return on a share-of-the-cost basis. To reduce our cost, we left our usual Chef at home and did not offer our customary first class food service. However, our General Manager, our Car Attendant and our passengers pooled their resources and talents to provide some enjoyable meals. Special kudos to Tom & Meg Coughlin for shopping for culinary delights at the markets of Montreal and presiding over the kitchen for lunch and dinner on our southbound journey.

The view from MOUNT VERNON looking east across Lake Champlain to Vermont.
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


The view from MOUNT VERNON looking east across Lake Champlain to Vermont.
Collection of Don & Pat Neff

Via Rail Canada was our host at Central Station in downtown Montreal
Collection of Don & Pat Neff

We parked on track 16 at Central Station in downtown Montreal for three nights
Photo by Jack Deasy
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


Pat & Don return from sightseeing in Montreal
Photo by Jack Deasy
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome at the site of the
former Expo 67 World's Fair in Montreal
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


As we departed Montreal on the southbound Adirondack and crossed the bridge
over the St. Lawrence, we encountered a Via trainset being wyed
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


As we departed Plattsburgh on the southbound Adirondack
we get a good look at the impressive former D&H station
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


Traveling along the west shore of Lake Champlain
as we head south on The Adirondack
Collection of Don & Pat Neff

The former D&H station at Fort Edward, NY
along the route of The Adirondack
Collection of Don & Pat Neff


Amtrak's Empire Connection tunnel, opened in 1991, links the former NYC West Side Line to
the former PRR Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. The tunnel has both AC catenary and DC
third rail. We are heading downgrade approaching Pennsylvania Station.
Photo by Jack Deasy


One of our passengers on this trip was Bob Vogel, a well known photographer of the railroad scene whose photos are published on the internet and have appeared in magazines.

If you would like to see these photos, please cut and paste the URL into your browser.

While we were parked at Central Station in Montreal, Amtrak train 69 arrived Monday night behind P42DC 100.
Tuesday's Amtrak train 68 (P42DC 100, five Amfleet cars and MOUNT VERNON) is ready to depart Montreal's Gare Central
Leaving Gare Central

A CN freight in a yard south of St Lambert on the south shore of the St Lawrence River
Passing siding occupied by northbound CP freight; we came to a stop
The southbound freight following us had to clear the switch at the north end of the passing siding before the northbound could continue. It turned out that we stopped because the northbound Adirondack was on the single track in front of us.  Train 69 followed the northbound freight and the conductor of the southbound gave a roll-by inspection.

Plattsburg NY
Westport NY
Port Henry NY and Lake Champlain; Lake Champlain & Moriah RR
Fort Edward NY: CP caboose and Amtrak station
A tunnel near Ticonderoga.  We got a great view of Fort Ticonderoga, but communications cables on the east side of the right of way ruined any potential photo opportunity.
CP has a large yard under construction north of Fort Edwards on the east side of the track.

CP caboose in the smaller yard on the west side of the track.

Departing Schenectady NY 
During our southbound trip, we were delayed at Schenectady due to CSX signal problems. A CP freight went past us on their adjacent track.
After traveling a distance east of the Schenectady passenger station, we stopped again, at CP 156. The eastbound Lake Shore Limited came to a halt close behind us and the northbound Ethan Allen rolled past us.
When we finally rolled past the CSX signal maintainers working at CP 156, Pat yelled to them asking whether they had fixed the problem; they yelled back "No!"
MOUNT VERNON's ambience
Crossing the Hudson River from Albany to Rensselaer

In addition to private cars HICKORY CREEK (on the westbound Lake Shore Limited) and MOUNT VERNON, there was plenty to see while we were at Albany-Rensellaer.  The photos with movement are blurry because fading daylight kept the camera's shutter open until sufficient photons had been collected to create a photo.
P42DC 100 is uncoupled from the head end of our train (# 68) at Albany-Rensselaer; a P32DM (dual mode diesel-electric / third rail electric) will be added to the head end for the remainder of our run to New York
Private car HICKORY CREEK was traveling west on the Lake Shore Limited
Private car MOUNT VERNON on the southbound Adirondack, about to depart Albany-Rensselaer for the final 141 miles to Penn Station, New York

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