PPCX 800708

Photo Scrapbook
New York NY - Washington DC - Philadelphia PA - Washington DC - New York NY,
December 2006

MOUNT VERNON was one of eighteen private cars in the consist of the "Liberty Limited 2006" Amtrak special train from Washington Union Station to the 2006 Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia and return. This grand event was organized by Bennett and Vivian Levin of the Juniata Terminal Company and supported by numerous sponsors, including Dominion Rail Voyages, to transport injured war veterans recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital) to the Army-Navy football game in style. MOUNT VERNON carried 9 Army veterans and 2 Army medical staff from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


Joe Maloney and Gene Sullivan, who served as MOUNT VERNON's stewards
for this trip, await the arrival of our Army guests for breakfast. Although they
were NCOs who ate their share of MREs in Iraq or Afghanistan, today
they will dine like General officers.

Photo by Jack Deasy


The Liberty Limited 2006 is parked at Greewich Yard in south Philadelphia,
adjacent to Lincoln Financial Field, site of the Army-Navy game.
It is evening twilight in the 4th quarter of the game as our guests
watch the Navy Midshipmen best the Army Cadets.

Photo by Jack Deasy

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