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New York (Grand Central Terminal) to Poughkeepsie NY and return on Metro North Railroad.

Morristown & Erie Railway assembled a special train of three private cars, which Metro North RR operated from Grand Central Terminal to Poughkeepsie and return on their Hudson Line, as the venue for "Part 1" of a surprise 60th birthday party for a distinguished New York-er.


The special train was parked on Grand Central Terminal's track 34 prior to departure for Poughkeepsie on Saturday afternoon January 22, 2005. Two Genesis dual mode locomotives and heavyweight Pullman KITCHI GAMMI CLUB are ahead of MOUNT VERNON; parlor observation lounge car ALEXANDER HAMILTON is behind MOUNT VERNON.
[Photo by Chuck Jensen]


The clients decorated the interior of the three cars to emphasize the theme of the birthday party ...
"60 and the 1960s." Peace, love and brotherhood!

[Photo by Chuck Jensen]


The special train with about 50 guests aboard went as far north as the Poughkeespie station. After stopping at Poughkeespie, the power was cutoff the head end of the train, run around to the south end of the train and coupled to ALEXANDER HAMILTON for the trip back to New York City. The guest of honor boarded at Poughkeepsie for the ride back to Grand Central Terminal.

Saturday, January 22, 2005 was the day of a large winter storm in the New York area. Although Amtrak and New Jersey Transit did not operate some of their scheduled trains, Metro North operated their scheduled service and our special train.
[Photo by Chuck Jensen]

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