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Lancaster & Chester Railway special dinner train, October 25, 2003

Lancaster & Chester Railway chartered MOUNT VERNON for use on a October 25, 2003 special dinner train, over their own line, to raise funds in support of Andrew Jackson State Park. The special train consisted of two L&C Railway locomotives pulling 4 cars - a twin unit diner leased from the Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway, MOUNT VERNON and the L&C Railway's own business car - J. PINCKNEY HENDERSON. MOUNT VERNON and J. PINCKNEY HENDERSON were used as cocktail lounges; guests were served supper in the twin unit diner.


Passengers relax onboard MOUNT VERNON prior to being served supper in the twin unit diner. This was MOUNT VERNON's first trip with 12 new "Martha Washington" chairs in the dining/lounge area; these comfortable elegant chairs were part of a special order custom built for MOUNT VERNON and the Lancaster & Chester Railway's GOLDEN TOWER.
[Lancaster & Chester Railway photo]


Passengers in the vestibules of MOUNT VERNON (on the left) and J. PINCKNEY HENDERSON (on the right) look out the open dutch doors as the special train rolls across a street at a grade crossing. No doubt this small stainless steel streamliner has caught the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike.
[Lancaster & Chester Railway photo]

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