Chesapeake & Ohio 2803
Seaboard Coast Line 6111
Amtrak 2243

A Historical Perspective

A previous car named MOUNT VERNON was one of five 11 double bedroom sleepers built by Pullman Standard (Plan 4168 Lot 6865) for service on the Chesapeake & Ohio. The car was placed in service in 1950. MOUNT VERNON (and four sisters HOMESTEAD, MONTICELLO, NATURAL BRIDGE, and GREENBRIER) were regularly assigned to service between New York City and the resorts of White Sulphur Springs and Virginia Hot Springs. Seaboard Coast Line acquired the car in March 1970. It was acquired by Amtrak in 1971. Amtrak retired the car in the mid-1970s. Its current status is uncertain; it may have been scrapped.


The date is June 10, 1972.
This is the bedroom hallway side of the car. The number in the car line number board reads 8580, and that means that this car last operated on Amtrak's "Champion." That would mean that this car has been transfered to trains 5 and 6 for the summer season and is making its first trip west. Interesting to note, this car and other former C&O eleven bedroom cars often appeared in tour-group-swollen summer "California Zephyr" consists in the 1960s.
John H. Kuehl

Another day in June 1972. This is the bedroom side of the car.
John H. Kuehl

Looking back further to the heavyweight passenger car era, our research discovered a heavyweight passenger named MOUNT VERNON. This car was a Pullman heavyweight sleeper (8 sections, 1 drawing room, 2 compartments), that was rebuilt approximately 1932 for assignment to Chesapeake & Ohio's "The George Washington." We are seeking photographs of this car.

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