PPCX 800708

Phase II of Refurbishment

We selected Delaware Car Company, located in Wilmington DE, for the second phase of work on the car. This phase was primarily repairs, with a few improvements. Here is a summary of the major tasks that were completed by Delaware car Company, with Steve Rogowski serving as project manager, between November 2000 and April 2001:

-- Completed all work required for satisfactory completion of Amtrak's PC-2 and PC-1 inspections. The A end truck was completely rebuilt. Some adjustments were made to the B end truck which was previously rebuilt by Jon Clark. Extensive repairs (primarily doubler plates) were made to the car's side sills to restore structural integrity. Repaired buffer plates and diaphragms on both ends of the car. One wheelset was sent out to a wheel shop for bearing work.

-- Replaced the constant voltage DC power supply. Some people refer to this as the "battery charger", but in actuality this is a sophisticated power supply which produces a constant supply of DC power to charge the batteries and power DC circuits such as marker lights, emergency lights, and decelostats. Cleaned the batteries, filled them with electrolyte, replaced some battery cables, and recharged the batteries.

-- Completed clearance measurements and documented them on Amtrak's PC-5 clearance diagram.

-- Checked the air conditioning system for leaks and corrected same. Replaced some resistors (a previous running repair) on the Vapor panel which controls air conditioning, heating, and ventilation.

-- Installed deadbolt security locks on both the A and B end doors.

-- Cleaned the exterior of the car with a pressurized water & chemical bath. The car's stainless steel now has a brighter cleaner appearance.

The car passed the Amtrak PC-2 and PC-1 inspections in early April 2001.     


[All photos are by Jack Deasy unless otherwise noted]

The car on jacks inside Delaware Car Company's shop. Truck shop foreman, Steve Rogowski, and Luis Caceres.



The A end truck was completely rebuilt by Delaware Car Company.


Amtrak's inspector directed that the B end truck, previously rebuilt by Jon Clark, be rolled out for a closer inspection. Delaware Car Company made a few adjustments to this truck and then gave it a fresh coat of aluminum silver paint to match the newly rebuilt A end truck.



Lancaster & Chester Railway's Bob Willetts discusses trucks issues with Delaware Car Company's truck shop foreman as they look over the B end truck.


[Photos by Delaware Car Company]

A major component of the Amtrak PC-2 "forty year" inspection is an inspection of the car's side sills followed by repairs to any side sill defects. MOUNT VERNON required considerable work to correct problems in this area. These photos illustrate the stainless steel doubler patches that were applied to restore the structural integrity of the side sills.


It is April 6, 2001 at Washington Union Station, a few days after Delaware Car Company completed their work on the car. MOUNT VERNON, with a fresh set of Amtrak inspections and certifications, is added to the head end of train # 79, The Carolinian, for the trip to Charlotte and forwarding to the Lancaster & Chester Railway.
[Photo by Luis A. Caceres, Sr]

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