PPCX 800708

Phase I of Refurbishment

When we purchased the car, it was situated on Jon Clark's siding in Commerce, California. The B end truck was disassembled and a rebuild of this truck was in progress. We decided to have Jon Clark complete the rebuild of this one truck and prepare the car for cross-country movement to Delaware Car Company on Amtrak. Here is a summary of the major tasks that were completed by Jon Clark between April 1999 and September 2000:

-- Completed the rebuild of the B end truck. We encountered a significant delay in finding an equalizer to replace one equalizer that had been condemned, due to a crack, by the Amtrak inspector. We ultimately purchased two (9' Canton I beam UP profile) equalizers from Dave Varilek and had them reclaimed by Northern Rail Car Company. One of these reclaimed equalizers was installed in the B end truck; we retained the other as a spare.

-- Replaced one condemned wheelset with one good wheelset procured from Monad Railway Equipment.

-- Removed the inoperative R-12 air conditioning compressor assembly and condensor assembly. Replaced them with a remanufactured R-134A compressor & condensor assembly, of modern design, procured from Monad Railway Equipment. Bill Martin and Ray Eiser worked with Jon Clark on completing this task.

-- Tested the car's plumbing system. Completed limited repairs so that the car would have two working sinks and two working toilets for our use on the trip east.

-- Cleaned the interior of the car to make it presentable for our use on the trip east.

-- Completed a variety of minor repairs and tests required for the car to pass Amtrak's "one way move to shop" safety inspection.        


The B end truck truck has been removed and is being rebuilt onsite by Jon Clark. The B end of the car is supported on wooden timbers. The car is on Jon Clark's siding in Commerce, California.
[Photos by Luis A. Caceres, Sr except as noted]


This is the old R-12 compressor assembly.


This is the old R-12 condensor assembly.


This is the newly remanufactured R-134A compressor & condensor assembly which replaced the older R-12 equipment.



It is September 28, 2000 in Amtrak's Los Angeles yard. Jon Clark's work on the car is completed and the car is beginning the cross-country move from California to Virginia. PACIFIC ISLAND awaits the move to Los Angeles Union Station and departure for Chicago on train # 4, The Southwest Chief.
[Photo by Jack Deasy]

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