Dominion Rail Voyages, LLC
invites you to enjoy luxury travel onboard our private railroad car

MOUNT VERNON parked adjacent to
Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia PA while our guests
attended the 2006 Army - Navy football game.
Dominion Rail Voyages photo

Dominion Rail Voyages invites you to consider the pleasure of travel on our private railroad car MOUNT VERNON. Step onboard, relax and enjoy the winning combination of service, comfort and scenery during your journey. Here is some more information about our service and our accommodations. MOUNT VERNON is certified to operate in Amtrak and Via Rail Canada service; it is available for charter in the United States and Canada. MOUNT VERNON is based on a shortline railroad in northern New Jersey, with convenient access to the Amtrak national system at Penn Station in New York City.

If you are unfamiliar with the experience of travel by private railroad car, we suggest you review these answers to some frequently asked questions about charter travel onboard MOUNT VERNON.

The primary focus of our business is charter trips tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients. However, each year we operate one or more trips where we offer accommodations to the general public. Here is some more information on any such trips we have scheduled or are planning.

For more information and charter price quotations, email us at or call 703-307-8960.

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